Why did I choose to write and maintain multiple blogsites

Ryan YatesConsultant

Just a dude in his 30's doing things in Tech & trying to break the stigma's around talking about Mental Health

Yeah, Why…..?

Many different reasons, however the main one is for future reference, whether this be by me or anyone else that finds the content I throw out useful.

However, it also shows a number of huge benefits when you look at content ownership, which you don’t get with platforms like Twitter (never will I ever call it X) FaceBook or other publishing platforms, whether they be public or private.

Also, I am a tech enthusiast, and whilst there are platforms that you can use without managing or maintaining a minimal amount of infrastructure there are plenty that allow you to own & manage all parts of it.

Plus it’s fun to build something like a blogsite, & understand all it’s moving components (depending on which platform you decide to use) and then tweek and re-initialise back to square one and then rebuild something new from the ground up as either to match how your skillset has evolved, or perhaps because the amount of time you have/want to manage/maintain certain parts of your blogsites increases/decreases.

It’s also fun to keep as a long term project, especially if it is one where you can in your mind work out plenty of things that you’d like to change over time, like new features in the theme, or a rebuild of the theme for another platform, or even building a platform from scratch yourself.

But most importantly I am owning my content.

Why the split?

Well this is due to me wanting to be able to publish the right content to the right place. Whilst #MentalHealth content could & in some cases will be published here, this blog is mostly tech focused, however there will be more content types being added very soon.

This also enables me the option in opening up any of the platforms I am managing as time moves on, whilst also giving me the chance to add additional ones if they make sense.

It also gives me opportunity to test things out across differing platforms, without making things far too complex in the early days by making them too over configurable too early on. This then does mean a big bit of work to pull changes into a unified platform in a configurable way, but that is for me, just yet another long term project plan & the more of these I have, the more I keep myself busy, especially whilst I am currently out of work, but also enables me to come back to this if I stay out of work and if I ever end up back out of work if I were to get back into work.