Musicxmatch and the tracks I am adding or added lyrics to

Ryan YatesConsultant

Just a dude in his 30's doing things in Tech & trying to break the stigma's around talking about Mental Health

Recently I have diversified some of my time into a number of different areas, mainly to get back into the habit of doing impactful work so that I can showcase to employers as well as myself that I am ready to work on the big but challenging & importantly the interesting things, or at least those interesting to me.

However, that said some projects I will put on the side and not look at them for a while, but they are never truly finished until I decide to archive them or consider them complete. This can be seen across lots of my technical areas, especially PowerShell, but this is off the back of taking time out to not only grieve, but also to work on myself and spend some time on bettering and rediscovering myself.

Music is a core part of my life, having been constantly in the top 1% of Spotify listeners in the UK for many, repeating years now.

I write this and It’s been a while by Staind comes on, which always brings me to tears when I think deeply about me and my life, especially as the last few years have drained it from me.

Some people who I wish would read this may read this, some may not, however this is the most important parts (as well as some that I am choosing on leaving out for now.)

And it’s been a while Since I could look at myself straight And it’s been a while Since I said I’m sorry

However this post is more about what I have done with MusixMatch which is a service that allows for lyrics to be matched to a track and synchronised for in use in Services like Spotify.

I have added some lyrics, to some tracks as well as timesyncing them too not many though as it’s time consuming and tbh they have issues with how that platform works that stops me from seeing much reason to invest too much time to it.

So far these are the only tracks I’ve synchronised lyrics with timings to & may end up being the last on this platform (or at least is for now)

  • Bleeper - NuTone,Logistics
  • Figure it Out - Kanine ft Anna Rickards

I have more that I have pulled the lyrics into OneNote for now, including these and not just these

  • The Touch - Rampa

Could I spend more time on this, sure and whilst it was a nice little project to get involved with, nothing is stopping me jumping back on it at a later date, just right now I have more important and bigger projects like getting a job that will care about the whole of me, to be working on.

But for now this was enough for me to get back into doing small (Proof of Concept) POC’s with teams outside of my usual reach, contribute to their work, provide actionable feedback, and be able to then easily feel like I could move onto something else & was a personal test that I set myself, which I am happy to say that I passed with 100% coverage of the parameters of the test that I had determined where critical to determining the success of the project in the time I set out to deliver it.

I leave this with you to go and learn about MusixMatch, get involved if it interests you, but importantly remind you about the Power of Music, which is importantly a yet to be written blog post on, which I will update this post once that article is written.