Announcing Re-Initialise


Re-Initialise, is at it’s heart, my new consultancy practice & is the evolution of my previous consultancy called Re-Digitise that stopped trading in 2018.

So whats in the name?

I’m all for clever word plays, and both Re-Digitise and Re-Initialise are examples that do exactly that. A simple way to think of it is this

  • Re-Digitise
    • To take a system or process, perhaps a manual paper based process and look to digitise it, whilst optionally taking that same process in the future and go back and re-build it, by potentially Re-Digitising it.
  • Re-Initialise
    • An evolution of Re-Digitise focused more about going back to the drawing board and taking an idea (like running your own consultancy) & starting either completely afresh or look at evolving that idea to it’s next level, by Re-Initialising it.

So what will you do..?

Re-Initialise will provide cost effective consultancy, as well as training, either on our own, or in conjunction with other partner organisations (more on that another time), on & around areas that include but is not limited to the following

  • Personal/Group/Business Productivity

  • Personal/Group/Business Planning

  • Personal/Group/Business Development Reviews

  • Building and managing your first website

    • Using Wordpress, Jekyll or Hugo
  • Presentation Development

    • Bespoke
    • Mentoring
  • Application Development

    • Agile & Scrum Practices/
    • Project Management
    • Source Control
    • DevOps & Application Lifecycle Management Practices
    • Platform Engineering Practices
    • Secure Development Practices
  • Automation Practices

    • Scripting using PowerShell
    • Workflow & Work Process Automation
  • Cloud Consultancy

    • Azure
      • Azure Administration
        • Entra ID
        • Governance, Policy & Cost Management
      • Azure Solution Design & Development
        • Using Azure CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) & WAF (Well Architected Framework)
        • Using Azure DevOps & GitHub
      • Automated Deployments
        • ARM or Bicep Templates
      • Azure Security
    • Microsoft 365
      • Tenant Management
      • Exchange Setup
      • Teams
      • SharePoint
    • Power Platform
      • Power Automate
    • Windows Server
      • Active Directory
      • IIS Server
      • and other Windows Server Roles
  • Training on any of the above

Our key areas of interest for working with includes

  • Individuals
  • Community Groups and Conferences
  • Small and Medium Businesses
  • Public Sector
    • Education
    • Councils and Government
  • Charities
  • Enterprises

Operational Goals

We believe strongly in ensuring success in the projects that we undertake, because we are only successful, & most importantly for us, happiest, when we help you be successful in attaining your goals, dreams & aspirations.

This is also why we’ve decided to have a scaled costs policy, which can be as low as £20 per hour, or as high as £500 an hour, depending on all the factors at play for the project at hand.

This is based on the following variables

  • who you are,
    • whether an individual (personal or sole trader) that’s looking for some help with a project
    • a business that wants dedicated time to help on another project, whether an internal one or one for another 3rd party (as part of a partnership)
    • what it is that you do/want to do & how closely it aligns to our morals and beliefs, and how able you are to pay an appropriate rate for our services.

That being said, we also will be mindful and on individual consideration will optionally operate a pay what you can, as well as a pay what you think you should model. We also will reserve the right to take on certain work for free, but the criteria for that is not static & is like the above on a case by case basis.

Also unlike some other organisations we will accept a number of different payment methods, including where deemed suitable & appropriate we may choose to accept certain cryptocurrencies, however, we will never ever accept cheques, as we believe them to be one of the worst methods of payment for any organisation in 2024 as they have so many issues that just aren’t acceptable in modern times when you can use services to send and receive money instantly or almost instantly.

We will however work with you to have a flexible and suitable payment schedule which will depend on the total amount of any invoiced work that you are getting from us.

I hope that in reading the above this gives you confidence in what Re-Initialise can offer you, and that you will at least give us a chance 😊.

We are in the process of a lot of things like setting up our new website, where you’ll be able to get in contact with us about your ideas and dreams and whether we can help you.

We also will be partnering/recommending other trusted partners where our skill set isn’t best suited and will be looking to create with them a good way of working to help meet your needs, however that is something that is not yet finalised and won’t be until we become a bit more established.

I am looking forward to the challenges that this presents and all the possibilities that this could bring & whilst this is a possibility for my future, it doesn’t stop me having discussions with other organisations about other roles, whether they be short term or long term.

Also a quick shout out to a number for people who I know have asked the question of “how can I help” in the last 2 and a bit years, whilst I have been umming and arrrinng about whether or not to do this, however coming up 34 in a week means that I have to think about never being in a position again where I can’t get some form of work coming in.

Initially Re-Initialise will be just me, but in time it will grow to be like any other consultancy practice, or at least that is the plan, which I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🤞🏻 will pan out like I would like it.

Note: This doesn’t mean I’m off the market for other opportunities, but giving myself the greatest chance to be able to find the right one/s for me.

One last point, we won’t be starting trading until after April 6th, the start of the UK Tax Year and also after my 34th birthday, but I wanted to get this post out whilst I had the chance to so that I can get the groundwork for this all sorted out.

There is a lot to do between now and my formal release of Re-Initialise, like sorting out all the website, business account, initial funding, equipment, insurance & more, but I am very much looking forward to it.

Wish me some luck as after the last few years I know I need it for this to be a success.