Wish 1 of 2024 Granted - No longer homeless!

So its official, I’m no longer homeless! 🎉

Granted it’s not quite ready to move into, but at least that’s the first wish of My 2024 Wishlist post has come true!

However, next will come the fun part, making it a home!

Over the following weeks & months I’ll need to get these things sorted,

  • flooring, as all prior carpet had been ripped out.
    • I’m gonna go for lino as simple to clean.
  • curtains/blinds as they’d been pulled down.
  • a proper desk.
  • clothes storage, like chest of drawers & wardrobe.

Luckily though these should be getting sorted soon, as they also aren’t part of the house, which is the joys of

  • cooker
  • washer

Also comes the not so fun task of updating all my (many many) accounts with the new address, luckily I have a OneNote list for this so I don’t miss anything.

But the important thing is that things are on the up, even if they are moving slower than I’d like them too. But well, sometimes that’s just how it is.