Donation Policy

Donation Policy

You are 100% free to read the content of this site with no requirement for any form of donation, we just merely give you a quick and easy way to do so if you wanted to.

Therefore, if you do choose to make a donation, you can do so directly using the following ways

If you can help me out though you can via these methods that would be a great help, and whilst I don’t expect for it to happen, I do keep a track of all “donations/loans” that I have received over the years and I either pay them back directly, or pay it forward, often both when I can in one form or another & with interest too, whether hat just be a meal or a few drinks here or there, and match this with an additional donation of either my time or my own money too where I can.

Over the years, I have & still donate my time towards many tech communities, mostly the PowerShell community (which I still do as a member of the Interactive UX Working Group and UK Community co-organiser) as well as when I was a Volunteer Vaccinator for St John Ambulance during the Pandemic, who I’ve donated both time and money to in the past and will do again in future, along with many other communities over the years too!

It is in my DNA to give when I can, both time and money not just because I know how stressful it can be to be without, and how stressful it can be to face homelessness, or other stresses in life, but because I truly value the benefits that sharing time, skills and finances to those that need it can and does bring to those that need it and to those that can and choose to do so.

You can as part of this donate directly towards the site’s maintenance and ongoing improvement, which includes sister sites like both & & the UK PowerShell Community as well as towards enabling additional future content, including for us to be able to look to approach and pay others for them to write content for these sites. This will also be used towards additional research and development purposes and any ongoing or future costs as needed, including in future hiring others to help with some of the site design and accessibility issues that we would like to improve upon like in the theme used for these sites which you can see in this repostitory.