Finally Moved In!

Ryan YatesConsultant

Just a dude in his 30's doing things in Tech & trying to break the stigma's around talking about Mental Health

As the title states and as an update to Wish 1 of 2024 Granted - No longer homeless! I have finally moved in to my new home., thanks to the help of a good few friends last week.

I have yet to sort out all the things that I’ll need to get sorted to be comfortable here, and had in some ways really wanted to be able to get these sorted first so that I could “hit the ground running” and just be comfortable. Unfortunately, my finances having been out of work and signed off due to stress since this post, A few weeks of downtime - getting signed off sick due to stress, back in October, even though there have been times during this that I have been doing what I could to get back into work, knowing that realistically I needed to move in first to be able to start this search, “hitting the ground running” and then when I start a new role, whether short term or long term, I can “hit the ground running” in that role.

So yeah, I still need to sort out a number of things, like flooring, curtains/blinds, a desk setup, and other furniture, but that’s something that well will just have to happen bit by bit.

I will have another update in the next week or two, especially as it’s my 34th birthday next week, but for now, it’s been a good first week living here.

That said though I’m first hand feeling the pressure of how expensive bills are again, which hopefully once I’m earning and no longer reliant on Universal Credit, will make not only the cost of living, especially the bills and food not feel so much like a tightrope round my neck, like it is now, but will allow me once again to improve not only my quality of life, as well as my enjoyment of life, but also those around me, whether close or far.

I have a number of plans for the year ahead, some outlined in My 2024 Wishlist, some I’ve yet to make my mind up on doing them or not.

But yeah, after what has been 2 years of limited output from me, expect this to ramp up throughout Spring & Summer as I get back to being the Ryan that I know that I can be, and once again start being back to being one of the best at things that I can do.

Hope you all have a great day and week and are looking forward to the Easter Weekend and as always thanks for reading!