Presenting about Dynamic Kanban at Sharepoint User Group & SPPS Codeplex Release

Ryan YatesConsultant

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I was very lucky to be able to give a presentation on how SharePoint can be used to help facilitate a Kanban board for detailing what tasks people are working on and it is something that is in use within my current team

For me the ability to put up exactly what work is going on (or needs to be planned for) was a big win and I am tweeking and reworking it almost on a Daily Basis to be a fully representative model for my team to work with

However I did say that I would post up a link to the content of the presentation and also the underlying script that will transform the data from the list into the correct format.

SugUk Manchester April 7th

Firstly - I would recommend that you download Spps from Codeplex as this contains a good set of PowerShell Functions for being able to automate certain tasks within SharePoint - and this is just going to continue to grow and grow as i start to further build functions in there for my own uses :-)

SPPS release

I still very highly believe in automation of tasks where possible and especially when it is data held in SharePoint and I will be continuing to enhance and update SPPS when I get the opportunity to.