PowerShell Update Oddness

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Updated 2023-04-13

I have been running a dev system for a number of years that has had every Windows Insider build on it since I got this machine back in December 2019, & along the way we’ve seen plenty of new ways for you to get your hands on the latest versions of PowerShell. These also have some additional update mechanisms too, like via the store and Microsoft Update.

So I was a tad confused when I’d gotten an update notification in Windows Update for PowerShell Preview, version 7.4.0-preview.2 and I had already had an open session of this running and had been running for now 2 days.

Well, seems in the time of my testing, I’d forgotten that I’d installed the preview version via the store (which had updated it on March 16th), because it will get to you quicker than via Windows Update (seemingly in this case by about a week), which I have setup too via the following reg keys, which are set as part of a setup script I have for new machines, which is inspired by this discussion for installs/updates via Microsoft Update in the PowerShell Org

I also have PowerShell 7.3.3 installed via the store on this machine too and that was last installed on 24th February, however the Windows Update for it has not yet appeared, whereas the 7.3.2 version was installed via Windows Update on 2nd February. So hopefully we should see the 7.3.3 update come via Windows Update in the next week or so.

So no biggie, but man did that confuse me for a few minutes until I worked it out, oddly enough by walking away from my desk to go and get a drink, which is often the case when I find myself confused or stuck on something, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one ho finds walking away from a problem often helps much more than hammering away at it.

That’s all for now, just thought it a nice little blog to write, especially as it wasn’t really oddness at all, except for those few moments where it seemed like it was.


So the PowerShell 7.3.3 MSI updated via Microsoft Update on 2023-04-06 so it seems that it’s still a bit slower than many would like to receive this update via Microsoft Update (but also still acceptable for many)

So if you want this installed as quickly as possible then you’d need to look at other mechanisms to do so, at least for now as hopefully the Microsoft Update team can soon speed up the time to deliver the update to be more like via the store.