PSDay 2019 - Call for Speakers

Ryan YatesConsultant & Microsoft MVP

Just a dude in his 30's doing things in Tech & trying to break the stigma's around talking about Mental Health

As promised in my last post - I wanted to let you know that the Call for Speakers for PSDay 2019, to be held on September 30th, at etcVenues in Birmingham, is now open.

The Call for speakers form is located over on Sessionize & we are looking for sessions for topics as listed is this post from last years PSDay Call for speakers and to be of 60 minutes in length for the main conference sessions, however unlike last year we are also accepting submissions for the post-conference Workshop Training day that we intend on putting on Tuesday 1st October 2019, also at etcVenues. More details on the Workshop Training day will come in a following post.

We currently have a cut of date of the beginning of May 1st for sessions (UTC) with a view to announce the speaker schedule around the week of PSConfEU. I would also suggest that the abstract you submit does not need to be perfect, at least on initial submission, as we have allowed for the sessions to be amended after initial submission.

Part of the reason for this is that we will come back to submitted sessions in the early weeks of May and start to reach out to speakers to either confirm or polish off their abstract in those coming weeks, prior to us announcing the full line up of speakers by mid June.

We are also currently in the process of working out what sponsorship packages of the event will look like and I would say until we release a further post on what these look like if your organisation would be interested in sponsoring PSDay then please reach out to me in this interim period, whilst we iron out what the sponsorship package would look like.

I am looking forward to PSDay & I am looking forward to seeing you there as either, an attendee, a speaker or a sponsor.

If you have any questions at all please reach out and I’d be happy to answer.


Some things to note as I am expecting questions on this to crop up, we currently do not think that we will be able to help with speaker costs, however this may change, so please if you submit something and may be looking for assistance with cost’s please add this in as an additional note so that we at least have some awareness of this and can try and plan to accommodate where possible. This is far from a guarantee that we will be able to assist, but allows us to try and gauge how things pan out and if we many need to adjust costs if/when we feel we are likely able to help support those speakers that may need additional assistance and I envision that this will be looked at on a case by case basis alongside the sessions submissions.

Tickets should go on sale in stages in the upcoming few weeks - more on this once we have managed to have a further organisers discussion in the next week or so and I will blog about it when they go live.

Update 2

Regarding Travel into the UK after Brexit - This is something that I have not looked into and therefore I would suggest to all that may ask about it to just keep an eye on what happens at this stage and consult your own governments documentation guidance into as this will likely be the most up to date and will have the right information available as to how it may / may not end up affecting you.