Late Callup - Presenting at SharePoint Saturday London

Ryan YatesConsultant

Just a dude in his 30's doing things in Tech & trying to break the stigma's around talking about Mental Health

Monday was a pretty eventful day for me - and certainly the most eventful Monday I’ve had in a number of years.

It all started with up very early, like 3am early, getting ready for the day ahead and then realising I had managed to loose my house keys. So after a frantic half hour of searching for them - I gave up and left the house to go catch the 06:22 from Macclesfield to Manchester so that I could get into work super early and get cracking on with some of the help for the PowerShell functions of SPCSPS.

That was the plan - however that wasn’t the case  and for a number of not very interesting reasons I didn’t manage to get started with the help writing so hopefully after this weekend I will manage to get properly started with it.

However late Monday brought some interesting news about SharePoint Saturday and a opening for me to present my session which I have taken up and I am just finishing off the bits required for the session -  which I’m really looking forward to.

Saturday is going to be an amazing day with there being so many great speakers and so much amazing content and although i was already looking forward to the event as an attendee - I’m now looking even more forward to it as an attendee & presenter.

If you have the chance to get to SharePoint Saturday then I highly recommend it as it will be a great FREE event.

Details about SharePoint Saturday can be found on the following link SharePoint Saturday London

If you are there and see me about - come and say Hi as these events are a great networking opportunity and for me that is a key driver to wanting to attend and present at events like this.