#PSTweetChat – The EU Edition

Ryan YatesConsultant

Just a dude in his 30's doing things in Tech & trying to break the stigma's around talking about Mental Health

If you have been involved in the #PSTweetChat events that have been running with Adam Bertram (@adbertram) & Jeffery Hicks (@JeffHicks) and a number of others, then you would be aware of just how awesome these 1-hour open discussion sessions truly are.

A number of PowerShell Questions get asked and answered from members of the PowerShell community worldwide so they can become a valuable resource to getting a right answer to an issue quickly or even just learning more about the people that make the awesome community and what they are currently up to this week.

So after a discussion about this with Adam Bertram & Jeffery Hicks on a previous #PSTweetChat I had said that I would co-ordinate a #PSTweetChat that was more EU time friendly – Well I am announcing that the EU #PSTweetChat will be monthly on the 3rd Friday of the month starting on February 19th at 10am UTC 0

This will be the case for February & March and then in April (due to the Time changes to the Clocks) we will move to 10am UTC +1

So the dates will be (mark them in your calendar)

  • February 19th – 10am UTC 0
  • March 18th – 10am UTC 0
  • April 15th – 10am UTC +1
  • May 20th – 10am UTC +1
  • June 17th – 10am UTC +1
  • July 15th – 10am UTC +1
  • August 19th – 10am UTC +1
  • September 16th – 10am UTC +1
  • October 21st – 10am UTC +1
  • November 18th – 10am UTC 0
  • December 16th – 10am UTC 0

I will look forward to the future #PSTweetChat conversations.