Get-PSUGUK – Call for Speakers

Ryan YatesConsultant

Just a dude in his 30's doing things in Tech & trying to break the stigma's around talking about Mental Health

The UK PowerShell User Groups (Get-PSUGUK) are undergoing an expansion with some new User Groups being sprung up across the UK over the upcoming months.

If you have been able to attend any of the previous events (Manchester & London) then you will know that I’m a big advocate for making a real community out of the User Group Meet ups – one where there is the opportunity for those from all differing IT backgrounds to rise up and present a topic to their local User Group.

With the number of differing PowerShell related Topics that there are available there should be no shortage of possible topics and there will be availability for a variety of different formats including short 15-minute Lightning presentations, 45-minute Presentations and even possibility for a full evening presentation.

With this in mind we are putting forward a Call for Speakers for the year ahead which if you are interested in presenting a topic then we have an Excel Survey that you can fill in located at - please note that we are not currently looking delivering sessions remotely.

Myself and the fellow organisers, Corey Burke (@cburke007), Iain Brighton (@IainBrighton) & Richard Siddaway (@RSiddaway) will look forward to seeing you at future User Group Events and would like to invite you to follow @GetPSUGUK on Twitter for updates on the PowerShell User Group Events in Future.

To Sign up for the Manchester User Group on Feb 1st please follow this link -

To Sign up for the London User Group on Feb 4th please follow this link -

To see future events (including new cities as they occur) please bookmark this link -