Quick Win – Install Windows 10 RSAT Tools via PowerShell



This is a very very quick post about installing RSAT for Windows 10 via this function script I created

And what better way than a simple 1 liner to grab and run the script

Invoke-Expression (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(‘http://bit.ly/Win10RSATinstall2’)

And if you want to look at the Script then direct link is http://bit.ly/Win10RSATinstall2

Hope this is useful for you

PS credit (again) goes to @lee_holmes for the idea from following tweet https://twitter.com/lee_holmes/status/318799702869041153

I plan on turning this into a DSC Resource (or adding it to an existing resource) when I get the chance to – unless someone beats me to it.

Published: 16/11/2015 22:49




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