Quick Win – Install Windows 10 RSAT Tools via PowerShell



This is a very very quick post about installing RSAT for Windows 10 via this function script I created

And what better way than a simple 1 liner to grab and run the script

Invoke-Expression (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(‘http://bit.ly/Win10RSATinstall2’)

And if you want to look at the Script then direct link is http://bit.ly/Win10RSATinstall2

Hope this is useful for you

PS credit (again) goes to @lee_holmes for the idea from following tweet https://twitter.com/lee_holmes/status/318799702869041153

I plan on turning this into a DSC Resource (or adding it to an existing resource) when I get the chance to – unless someone beats me to it.

Published: 16/11/2015 22:49



6 thoughts on “Quick Win – Install Windows 10 RSAT Tools via PowerShell”

    1. Thanks for picking this up and alerting me on this.

      I’ve Updated the link used as I’ve restructured the GitHub Repository where the function lives since I originally posted this article.

      You should now be able to get the function and this should now work for you if you try it

    1. In the line “Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName `” add the -NoRestart switch.

      Then add below the If statement something like:

      $input = Read-Host “Restart computer now [y/n]”
      y{Restart-computer -Force -Confirm:$false}
      default{write-warning “Invalid Input”}

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