Conquering Posting to Facebook and Twitter via Powershell


​Well this weekend has seen me look at whether it would be quite difficult to post to both Facebook and Twitter via PowerShell.

In short the answer is not really.

I have had very little exposure to Oauth in recent years and luckily for someone like me (little in practical experience but a base understanding of how it works) this has been relatively simple to get my head round

Now before I go into further detail i must give credit to the people that originally posted any adapted scripts – mainly Oauth Keys

So for FaceBook – Credit goes to John Newman and you can find his work at

For Twitter – Credit goes to this Powershell Workflow that was posted by Peter van der Woude on Technet Galleries –

Getting the Facebook one working was a tad more difficult than twitter – however this is due to how FaceBook manages “apps” more than anything else.


So Eventually it came down to having a New-FBFeed and a Send-Tweet function but what about when I wanted to Post the same thing to Both?


So i wrote a simple Function that calls both Send-Tweet and New-FBPost which i will post below



param (







And its as Simple as that.


Published: 08/02/2015 22:37

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